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Enable Prometheus metrics


Polygon Edge can report and serve the Prometheus metrics, which in their turn can be consumed using Prometheus collector(s).

Prometheus metrics are disabled by default. It can be enabled by specifying the listener address using --prometheus flag or Telemetry.prometheus field in the config file. Metrics will be served under /metrics on the specified address.

Available metrics

The following metrics are available:

txpool_pending_transactionsGaugeNumber of pending transactions in TxPool
consensus_validatorsGaugeNumber of Validators
consensus_roundsGaugeNumber of Rounds
consensus_num_txsGaugeNumber of Transactions in the latest block
consensus_block_intervalGaugeTime between this and last block in seconds
network_peersGaugeNumber of Connected peers
network_outbound_connections_countGaugeNumber of outbound connections
network_inbound_connections_countGaugeNumber of inbound connections
network_pending_outbound_connections_countGaugeNumber of pending outbound connections
network_pending_inbound_connections_countGaugeNumber of pending inbound connections